Popular Mattress works with SISD nurse to help special needs students

When Ramona Garcia, nurse at El Dorado High School’s special unit, saw that her special needs students sometimes had skin sores, she decided to reach out to the community for help.

It worked. Popular Mattress, a community wholesaler, has donated “egg crate” foam mattress pads to all her students. These types of pads are used to prevent skin sores, which can cause open skin infections that are medically difficult to treat.

“I want to let you all know what a fabulous community we live in,” Garcia said. “Recently, I was blessed when Popular Mattress let me know they were going to make overlays (Grade A) for all our chairs and mattresses. I gave thanks to God and to Tony Flores and his boss who have made this possible. They are my heroes.”

Popular Mattress not only donated the pads, but also offered to have them specially made for the students, said Rebecca Madrid, Nurse Manager for SISD.

The 10 mattresses of different shapes and sizes were delivered recently to the school. They fit on the recliners, flat beds and other furniture that the students lay on. The mattresses were covered with a special material that is easy to clean, Garcia said.

“Our students are very fragile,” she said. “Some are thin and need the extra comfort. This is a gift from God. These people are wonderful. They have no idea how big of a gift this is.”

It’s not surprising that Garcia would get help. She has worked with special needs children for many years, Madrid said.

“One knows she has so much love in her heart for her students because when she speaks to me about them she has this beautiful smile on her face and these students love her just as much,” Madrid said.

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