Our Story

John Yapor founded Popular Mattress in 1939, running the business out of his 400-square-foot garage. He would go door-to-door to help customers find a better mattress so they could have better sleep. As he went from house to house, he began to build the company into a trusted business in the community. That trust has been a staple of Popular Mattress since its beginnings.

As times changed, John’s son, George, sought to eliminate the middleman to help El Pasoans save money on their purchases. He built a number of stores to serve the community while still offering the same great customer service his father did. George took pride in doing whatever it took to make the customer happy and satisfied with the mattress they purchased. He understood the importance of a good night’s sleep, so he aimed to provide customers with a mattress they could be comfortable in at any price point.

George still owns Popular Mattress today, and his daughter Jackie and her husband Jaime run operations for this family business. They have expanded their mattress selection, sales expertise and continue the high level of customer service that the company is built on. Their mattress specialists are trained to listen to their customers rather than be the typical aggressive sales person. Their goal is to ensure their customers get the right mattress for their needs and comfort.

Popular Mattress has been around a really long time, and we often are asked how we’ve been able to stay in business so long. The truth is, it’s the community.

Over the years, Popular Mattress has donated thousands of mattresses to several local charities and individuals in need. Customers have been returning to Popular Mattress for decades and continue to seek their expertise in their mattress purchases. Our stores have long ties to the community, so we take our customer service seriously. We want to serve our community by helping people find the right mattress, so we do whatever it takes to make them happy.