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Our Story

Popular Mattress is El Paso’s oldest mattress retailer. John George Yapor founded Popular Mattress in his home garage on Clark Street in 1939. He brought the trade of mattress making when he moved from Chihuahua, Mexico, to El Paso as a young teen. He was known for producing quality mattresses and believed in a “better mattress at a better price,” which remains our motto. He was a well-respected and hardworking family man who made a business deal based on someone’s word and a handshake.

Son, George John Yapor, grew Popular Mattress in the ’70s while experimenting with fun and innovative ways of advertising. He coined the line “thank you very much y muchas gracias,” which is still in our commercials to this day. George has always loved the aspect of design and can spend hours working on mattress construction and fabric selections. He’s grown the business by incorporating some of the mattress industry’s most well-known brands. He took a chance on Tempur-pedic in the early 90s and was the first retailer in the city to floor the “NASA Mattress.” Today, Tempur-pedic makes up the majority of our business.

George has ensured Popular Mattress is a customer-focused business, always providing customer service at the forefront. So when you enter one of our stores, you’re treated like family and fitted correctly for your next mattress. We don’t believe in high-pressure selling, and we want our customers to leave happy, so they will hopefully return and refer us to family and friends.

Popular Mattress is currently in its 3rd generation of ownership, with Jacqueline Yapor-Mata and her husband, Jaime Mata. Together, they strive to give customers the same Popular Mattress buying experience and service while growing the company’s loyal customer base.

A Better Mattress At A Better Price

Popular Mattress has been around a really long time, and we often are asked how we’ve been able to stay in business so long. The truth is, it’s the community.

Over the years, Popular Mattress has donated thousands of mattresses to several local charities and individuals in need. Customers have been returning to Popular Mattress for decades and continue to seek their expertise in their mattress purchases. Our stores have long ties to the community, so we take our customer service seriously. We want to serve our community by helping people find the right mattress, so we do whatever it takes to make them happy.

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