Simmons Mattresses have a rich history as an industry leader since 1900. They are a household brand and are heavily sought after by individuals seeking comfortable inner spring mattresses.

Simmons was the first mattress manufacturer to engineer a more effective method for putting high quality inner springs into their mattresses. This spring machine ultimately paved the way for what would become their signature Beautyrest spring mattress.


We carry a number of Simmons mattresses that range in a wide spectrum of prices and styles. Simmons offers mattress levels from extra firm to ultra plush softness.


Simmons firm mattresses can be firmer than most mattresses because of their quality inner spring technology. Individuals with back pain that need a very firm mattress can find one in the Simmons line.


Simmons soft mattresses are great for those individuals who are seeking a soft mattress but still want to feel some level of support. The inner springs allow for both a level of softness and support.

Simmons Warranty

If you purchased a Simmons® mattress and use it with a foundation and frame that provide proper support, this warranty covers manufacturing defects in your Simmons® mattress or foundation. This warranty also covers faults in materials or manufacturing defects in the removable fabric cover available on select models. Replacement of one piece does not automatically result in the replacement of any other piece. This limited warranty is provided only to the original purchaser. Examples of proper support for queen, split queen, king and California king size bedding when the mattress is also supported by a conventional foundation or box spring.